Chief Editor 


There is such a pandemic in the entire world, because of which melancholy surrounds life. Societies are dropping faith in themselves. It has taken away the work of the people. The world gets crashed. This is falling that no one had imagined, nor did there any arrangement to handle with it. During this stage, the suicide attempt increased. People’s mind prompted towards depression. They do not realize any glimmer of optimism. It is the same when we break down after trying things and turn going through forlorn. But are we not ready to fight despair? At every turn of life, Whenever we try something unique, we either triumph or break! And those who break down, have they never risen? Or they impose themselves with all their vigor and once again establish themselves! Who, despite being rung despair themselves, do not let the hope planted in them perish and enjoy driving forward with their courage and persistent battles! They hold their daydreams and make it a success! The world called them unique Hunarsfox! So are these unique Hunarsfox specials? No! They are ordinary as you and me, their confidence and positive thinking make them unique and successful! We have covered some Unique HunarsFox in this release, who are experiencing their success stories through this release called unique!

Sankalp Shrivastava